Kitewood Group

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The Kitewood Group, a british property development and investmentcompany with offices in Kampala, supports the work of BSUF, with a share oftheir profits distributed to BSUF. The Chairman of Kitewood, John Faith, is also the Chairman of Children of Uganda (UK).

 The Signum Foundation, Poland

signum-foundation-logoThe Signum Foundation [] is a Polish charity that works with children and youths. Whilst primarily engaged in promoting education and art for children in Poland, as part of its outreach program it is supporting BSUF with its educational program in Uganda. Education, the Foundation believes, is the best tool to fulfill potential and create a ‘better reality’ for people living in poverty. 

The Foundation awarded a Scholarship to a talented 13 year old Ugandan boy to enable him to commence his studies at one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Uganda. Their support has been rewarded in that Jonathan is now studying at Dar es Salaam University and has recently been elected Vice President of their Law Society.

The Signum Foundation also provides Polish sponsors for other Ugandan children in Educational Sponsorship Programme .

Children of Uganda (UK) – BSUF is most grateful for the support from the Signum Foundation and others in Poland.

Theatre Make A Difference Trust

The Make a Difference Trust [] is a UK based charity with a vision of a world free from HIV and AIDS.

Building on a legacy of over 25 years of fundraising by the theatre industry, The Make A Difference Trust raises funds for HIV and AIDS projects that build awareness and provide care, support and education in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are delighted that TMAD has provided us with a grant, which has enabled us to start the building of our clinic, which is the first part of our Community Centre building project. With their help we can now provide ongoing healthcare to the children and community, to help stamp out aids and other infectious diseases.

The Barrington Education Initiative (BEI)

The Barrington Education Initiative (BEI) [http//] is an Austrian private charitable foundation. It provides resources to impoverished communities within the developing world, with a focus on improving the education, health and welfare of young children. BEI cooperates with locally based non-governmental organisations and professionals.

Since a child of today is an adult of tomorrow, BEI sees it as their responsibility, where possible, to do whatever they can to ensure a better tomorrow for them, their families & society.

BSUF’s Founder Annette Mbedha recognised the need for a purpose built nursery school in Butansi and BEI provided the funds to make this possible. BEI also funds a Teacher’s Association in the village.

Richmond Hill St. Andrew’s Church, Bournemouthoctober-2013-1

Richmond Hill St. Andrew’s church is a friend of our charity and has assisted us in a number of different ways. The church and members of the congregation are sponsoring 10 children in our educational programme. They have also provided funds to St. Mary’s church in Butansi for wooden pews, so that the whole congregation can now be seated. Annette was delighted to be presented with a beautiful 200 year old St. James holy bible by the Rev Martin Ambler, which she and the UK Trustees took out to Butansi and presented to the local congregation at a special ceremony. They were thrilled.

We would also like to thank:

Rushden Community College in Northampton

A school link has been formed between Rushden Community college and Future Victory Primary School in Butansi village. The students from both schools learn about each other’s day at school, activities, subjects studied, and future aspirations. Future victory students use local materials like sisal, banana fibres to make skipping ropes, footballs and baskets which they send to their pen pals at Rushden. The students at Rushden have sponsored walks, bake sales, sports activities and raised £200 towards the Construction of an Art room at Future Victory. We had a donation of £500 from the school council and part of this has been spent towards acquiring a bicycle (transportation) for the trustees in the village and the balance is going towards the Art room.

Ringmer Community College in Lewes


In 2012 Children of Uganda (UK) made a special presentation to the college assembly at one of their fundraising days.The monies raised went towards a nursery room at Future Victory School.