BSUF Micro Finance Scheme Success Story

Monica and Betty

Monica Mukasa has a sewing machine in the Butansi Trading Centre. She used some of the money from her BSUF loan in June to buy rolls of material to make uniforms that she sold to local schools. She also used some of the money to pay for her son’s tuition fees. She then paid back her loan on time. Monica says; “Thank you so much BSUF. The loan made such a difference and I would kindly request another loan to continue to build my sewing business”.


Betty Kitamirike receives money in July from Mrs Kitimbo, the Chairperson of the BSUF Self Help Women’s Group and Annette Mbedha (Founder of BSUF). Betty brought the money back in October, saying; “The money helped me pay tuition fees for my son who had been sent home for two weeks. Now he continues with his studies… thanks to BSUF”.