Self Sustainment

One of our aims is to help the villagers to be more self sufficient. Our Adult Education Scheme has been helping towards this, but we have also introduced some other important programmes and projects. 

Women’s Self Help Micro Finance Groups

We have now set up four Women’s Self Help groups, which meet on a regular basis in the Kamuli area. The women, and a few male members, all put in a small amount of cash (under £1) at each meeting – which is given to the member in most need at the time. We also make a loan to individual members, who use the money to set up small business enterprises and then pay the money back to the group after an agreed time… and then the money is ploughed back into the group for other members to take up.

This scheme has already proved a great success (please refer to our News section) and has helped members to set up small ongoing businesses thanks to the original BSUF loan.

Agriculture Development Programmes

In March 2008, BSUF provided 2 piglets to a group of 10 women, who started piggery farming in the community. The initial 2 piglets have had piglets of their own which have been passed along and shared among the women. The pig/pork business has potential to be a major source of income in the village and sub county.



We are focussing on permaculture which will be implemented as part of our Community Centre, where we have 2 acres of farmland. In this regard, we have already one of our community leaders on to Permacultural Educational Program, in West Uganda, run by our US affiliate, Children of Uganda.

Arts & crafts

In 2010 volunteers bought jewellery making equipment for the villagers and then returned to England with the items that the women had made – which they sold on behalf of the charity.

It will be easier to run such enterprises on an ongoing basis once the Community Centre is up and running.