“Vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision is merely passing time, action with vision can change the world.” Nelson Mandela                            

Children of Uganda (UK) was set up in August 2008 to support BSUF and the efforts of Annette Mbedha… who had a vision

bsuf-logoAnnette’s vision was to help the deprived children in a rural area of Uganda close to her heart.
She began by sponsoring the education of two orphans and then in 2005 she and her brother, Ambrose Katuntu, set up the Buyemba Suubira Uganda Foundation (BSUF).

The Foundation focuses on Butansi in the Kamuli district of SE Uganda and stands as a tribute to their parents, Mr Nelson and Mrs Angella Buyemba, who helped the poor from their home village. BSUF was formed in response to the increasing number of orphans and vulnerable chidren in the area who had lost one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS. These children were missing out on an education to help them develop.

Annette had a dream to fulfill her parent’s aspirations, to help the children achieve their potential and create their own better reality. annete-and-andrew

In 2005, Annette came to the UK to further her own studies. While in Brighton, she set about changing her dream into a reality, by sharing her vision, recruiting sponsors and gaining support for the work of BSUF in Uganda.

In 2008 Children of Uganda (UK) was set up, as a registered UK charity to support BSUF and two years later, Annette returned to Uganda reassured that she had the strong support of Children of Uganda (UK).

As the charity has matured, their work has expanded into providing adult education classes, Women’s Self Help Micro Finance Groups, an agricultural development project to help the whole community. Their most recent venture is to set up a mobile medical clinic at one of the local schools, to test and immunise the children for HIV-aids and Malaria.

Our Vision

To empower and improve the welfare and wellbeing of village communities in Uganda, to enable the villagers (children and adults) to be better educated, more aware of health issues, economically self-sufficient and to enjoy a better standard of living.


Our Mission

To provide welfare, educational, vocational and spiritual support, as well as infrastructure programs to enhance the health and wellbeing of the village communities in Uganda:

  • To support needy children, often orphaned through HIV/AIDS, via a sponsorship program to provide school fees, scholastic materials and other essential requirements.

  • To provide adult literacy programs for the community, to train the women in new income-generating activities and an agricultural development project.

  • To provide the youth with skills through vocational training.

  • To implement a health educational program for the youth and young girls in the community (Young people’s centre).

  • To provide improved amenities – community centre, water supplies, proper sanitation and power (solar) supply

BSUF has a UK based committee, in Children of Uganda (UK), for executive decision making, fundraising and networking and a Uganda based committee for implementing decisions and administering the charity on the ground and for day-to-day activities.