We Need Your Help… to raise a further £10,000 to complete our Clinic

The donated monies will go towards fully equipping the health centre with the necessary fixtures and fittings, drugs and dressings, plus initial staffing.



Help us to Build our Community Centre & Health Centre

to make a huge difference to the lives of some 7,000 villagers and children in the Butansi area







The Community Centre will house a Clinic to provide ongoing healthcare for the community, which they currently do not have.

When children get sick the parent(s) tend to  do little about it – until they get really ill and then it’s about a 2 hour walk to the nearest hospital!

The Centre will also serve to bring all our educational activities and other projects together in one central location and provide a social hub for the community as well as some accommodation for visiting healthcare workers and volunteers.

A big THANK YOU to Theatre Make a Difference Trust 

 We are delighted to report that we received a significant grant from the TMAD Trust which will go towards the building of our clinic in the first phase of this project. This UK based Trust aims to fight HIV and AIDS one stage at a time.

Details about the Project

The Site: 

A 3 acre site close to St Mary’s church in Butansi has been donated to us by the Busoga Diocese. We had a special Land Demarcation Ceremony there, where Annette signed the necessary papers. We are now in the final throes of getting the land title finalised, so that the land is legally ours.

We have surveyed & prepared the land and have established partnerships for taking the project forward. We have prepared a budget from central and local expertise. After an official ‘Ground Breaking’ Ceremony, BSUF handed over the sige to Grand Construction Ltd… and so building has begun.


3 Phased Building Programme

In 2019 we have commenced our 3-phase building programme, focussing on delivering the services that the community needs most

Phase 1

  • Clearing the site and putting in the infrastructure – water borehole, sewerage, power & cooking facilities. Land will also have been cleared for our crops & livestock programme.

  • Temporary housing for construction experts, instructors and support teams – before being converted for permanent use by visiting health workers, volunteers, etc.

  • Construction of the medical centre, office, kitchen and initial multi-purpose meeting and classrooms.

Phase 1 includes the completion of the infrastructure and the first three buildings to provide:

  • Healthcare

    • Preventative medicine, vaccinations, etc.

    • Visiting clinic services; eg. specialists, dental, physio, etc.

    • AIDs education and counselling

    • Additional fresh water source for the village

  • Student Support

    • After school study rooms with electricity

    • After school tutoring

    • Computer and internet access and training

  • Expansion of Adult Education & Self Help Groups

  • Women’s Business Self Help Micro-finance Groups (already in progress)

  • Community agriculture support (already in progress)

Phases 2 & 3

Delivers additional facilities based on community needs and priorities

  • Additional classrooms and meeting rooms

  • Youth centre

  • Fully equipped library, dedicated computer, arts and crafts rooms